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Reversi - Help/FAQ


The rules are almost identically to the normal "Reversi" in 8x8.

Player and computer put alternately a stone onto the board.

It is set in this manner, that is at least one opposing stone between this and the next own stone exists.

This applies in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions.

After a valid move the oppenent stones switch to colour of the own stones.

Emtpy and blind fields are not allowed.

If no player can put an new stone onto the board, game is over.

The winner has the most stones with the own colour.

It is displayed if the computer cannot move.

If the player cannot move, it is displayed a short time, the computer will continue automatically.


Why is this game played on a 10x10 board and not 8x8?

8x8 was too boring for us, we know there are at least two other websites, that are offering that game ;-)

What bout the blind fields?

Another measure against boredom.

By Blind fields almost every game is different because they are distributed randomly every.

Why does the game not run on my browser?

Please check the following items:

  • turn on Javascript

  • deactivate your Adblocker for this site

  • Use a halfway current web browser