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KillerSudoku has just two similiarities with the common "Sudoku":

  • A number can appear exactly once per row and column

  • A number can only occur once per sector/section

That's all.
Here arithmetic skills are required, this is what makes KillerSudoku so difficult:

In one sum area (one colored block), The entered numbers must correspond to a given sum.
This is in every area in the upper left corner.
To increase the difficulty level, no numbers are given.
We could have made it easier, but we did not want to :-)

Therefore, start with the smallest or largest results per area.
To avoid further questions regadring the rules: A number may occur only once in each sum area.
You may print the current game with "Print in b/w", also with solution.
The solution should also be unique, if not, write to us!
Below you will find the puzzles of different sizes and degrees of difficulty.

For Beginners and in-between:
Killersudoku with small field in 6x6

For advanced players:
Killersudoku in 8x8

For Profs and the whole lunch break:
Killersudoku in 9x9

There was something between 9x9 and 12x12:
Try the daily Killersudoku in 10x10

For those who have a lot of time:
Killersudoku in 12x12

In the submenu of 12x12 you will find the archiv of the daily edition