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Welcome @ brain-stuff.de

What can you expect here?

These pages have been launched to offer to many puzzles and riddles friends unclouded brain training.

From the popular puzzle game, is now also KAKURO SUDOKU and the increasingly popular Killer Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku on our pages.

We have to, of course, a special feature:
With us you can FREE Kakuro up to a size of 27 x 27 games fields. You also have the ability to integrate 4 different difficulty levels. When SUDOKU, Samurai Sudoku and Killer Sudoku even 5 levels of difficulty.

We wish all visitors of our pages have fun puzzles. You may be curious: Another fun game is about to be put online.

Currently still working on the following games: Sikaku, Othello ... and more thinking and puzzle games.

Anyone has an idea what we could even develop a game or who knows that he would like to play online, please let us know. Proposals for one or the other marginalized sport are also desired :-). We are open to any constructive suggestion.

The team ...