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MathDoku has very similar rules as Killersudoku. A digit must occur exactly once per row and column. Unlike in the Killersudoku all the basic arithmetic operations are represented. The result for a block is marked with a number and the operation. For subtraction and sivision, it is no matter in what order are the operands.There are no digits given, start therefore preferably with the smallest results per block.

You may print the current game with "print in b/w", also with the unique solution.
The solution should be unique, if not, please write us!

Other terms for this game are „Minuplu“, „Basic“, „KenDoku“, „CalcuDoku“ or „Yukendo“.

For in-between:

Mathdoku mit small fields in 5x5 6x6 and 7x7

For lunch:

The daily Mathdoku in 9x9 with 2 different levels

For quite a long lunch breaks (really):

Mathdoku in 12x12