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draggable In the village high street are standing 3 houses side by side.
In every house lives a man with a business: Electrician, metalworker or doctor.
Every house got another colour: blue, white or yellow.
To every belongs a car: BMW, VW or Rover.
And a favourite drink: beer, lemonade or cocoa.


1. In the yellow house lives the Electrician.
2. The yellow and the white house stand side by side.
3. The BMW-driver drinks not lemonade.
4. The metalworker is the neighbour of the cocoa-drinker.
5. The 3rd house is blue.
6. The man with the Rover is not the neighbour of the doctor.
7. Cocoa can not be drunken in the blue house.
8. The VW-driver and the Rover-driver are neighbours.
9. The cocoa-friend lives not among the blue house.
10. The metalworker is the neighbour of the lemonade-drinker.
11. The VW-driver lives among the yellow house.

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PropertyHouse 1 House 2 House 3