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draggable In the village high street are standing 3 houses side by side.
In every house lives a man with a business: farmer, metalworker or doctor.
Every house got another colour: red, yellow or blue.
To every belongs a car: VW, Rover or Honda.
And a favourite drink: milk, cocoa or juice.


1. Juice can be drunken in the red house.
2. Among the blue house lives not the metalworker.
3. The VW-driver lives not among the blue house.
4. The Honda-driver drinks not juice.
5. Among the yellow house lives the metalworker.
6. The farmer is not the neighbour of the milk-drinker.
7. The red and the yellow house stand side by side.
8. The Rover-driver lives not among the yellow house.
9. The metalworker drives not a VW.
10. The 1st house is red.
11. Juice- and milkwallower live not side by side.

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PropertyHouse 1 House 2 House 3